Comprehensive Automotive Service

Maximilian Motorsports specializes in all aspects of European
Automotive Repair & Service, including Audi, BMW, Land Rover,
Mercedes, Mini, MG, Saab, Porsche, Volkswagen, & Volvo. We don’t
limit ourselves! Whatever your make & model, we can help you
out! Whether it’s scheduled factory maintenance, an oil change,
comprehensive inspection, or something different, like custom
interior upgrades, an engine rebuild, or the addition of performance
parts, we offer a wide array of services to get your vehicle running
the best it can!
We have found that often a vehicle’s performance and lifespan are
greatly influenced by the small details. That’s why we offer a
comprehensive inspection of your vehicle, from tailpipe to headlights.
A certified technician will examine your vehicle for any issues that
may need addressed, including on-board diagnostics and photographs
of any parts that may need repaired or replaced. Maximilian provided
each customer with the opportunity to go over the details of this inspection,
as well as with a free estimate of any services we advise.

Standard Automotive Services

  • Factory scheduled maintenance: 20k – 40k – 60k
  • Maintain your vehicle’s manufacturer’s warranty
  • Timing belt replacement
  • Oil changes with safety checks
  • Cooling system services
  • Transmission service
  • Clutch replacement
  • Exhaust repair
  • Brake systems service (including ABS)
  • Suspensions and steering
  • Insurance and collision repair

Customizations, Restorations, & Enhancements

  • Classic and custom car appraisals.
  • Custom upholstery—headliners, seats, carpeting, etc.
  • Race car preparation.
  • Modification and fabrication.
  • Complete engine rebuild or upgrade.

Inspections & Diagnostics

  • To detect those expensive problems before you buy your “new” used vehicle.
  • Bumper-to-bumper inspection to locate mechanical, safety, structural, and cosmetic flaws.
  • CarFax Report—to identify potential title defects, extensive collision damage, or other major repairs.

Upgrade Your Automobile

Before spending your hard-earned money buying a new car, you may be surprised by the level of luxury your vehicle can achieve with the addition of upgraded components. Maximilian Motorsports has years of experience installing many of the comfort and safety features that you expect from today’s luxury and performance automobiles, without the inflated expense. Some of our areas of expertise include, but are not limited to: Lighting Upgrades, Cargo Systems & Roof Racks, Bluetooth Hands-Free Setup, Stereo System & Speaker Upgrades, Intelligent Parking Assist, GPS Navigation, Golo Tracking System We have specialized packages tailored for different makes and models of cars – ask for a free analysis of how we can improve your driving experience today!


State-of-the-art Equipment

Latest up-to-date technology and diagnostic equipment.


Flexible Pick Up & Drop Off

Late or early pick up or drop off during the week and weekends.


Remote Diagnosis

Customers can purchase the GOLO device, which plugs into and stays with the car, allowing the garage to remotely run full diagnostics on the vehicle worldwide.

Performance Checked

Road testing on a three mile test loop to check performance — for all major service and repairs.

Vehicle Inspections

Bumper-to-bumper inspection to locate mechanical, safety, structural, and cosmetic flaws.

Brake Safety

Max brake fluid flush. We alternate between colored and opaque brake fluid to make sure that there has been a complete flush of the fluid for your safety and your vehicle’s longevity.